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My weekends are too busy

When I lived in Chicago, I often had weekends where I didn't do anything. Some of these were intentional (because of a long week at work), but sometimes it wasn't. Weekends of the latter sort usually left me with regret, because I felt like I wanted to do something, anything, rather than stay home and watch Netflix. Since moving to San Francisco, however, I haven't had many (or in fact, any) of those kinds of weekends. Instead, I now encounter some weekends where I am actually too busy (too many things scheduled at once). It's a pleasant change, but it's gotten me to wonder why that is the case.

To the best of my knowledge, here are the reasons why my weekends are now "too busy":

1. My friends are different in San Francisco. Much of the initial "dead space" on my weekends where I spent time alone has been taken up by a core group of friends who I spend more time with. This is probably for two reasons. The first is that while I had friends in Chicago, my friends there weren't necessarily friends with each other. This meant that while I had friends, I didn't necessarily have a friend group. The biggest explanation for this is probably that my core friend group (the debate team) happened to scatter after graduation, whether to New York, Los Angeles, or elsewhere.

But secondly, the kinds of things that my friends like to do here are different. For example, we now gather to play Dungeons and Dragons every weekend. Not only is my social group here more interconnected, our shared interests make it easier to actually hang out more.

2. The weather out here is better. This wasn't as much of a problem during the summers in Chicago, but during the winters going out was not fun. As a result, half of the year is now more open to actually going out and doing things.

3. A deliberate attempt on my part to do more. Post graduation in Chicago, I had a hesitancy to go to events on my own. I've since been trying to get over this, and be more willing to go to events even if nobody else is.

4. Having a roommate. This gives me a person who does stuff that I can also do stuff with, just by the nature of having a roommate.

As a result of all of these, I now have the opposite problem with weekends as compared with when I was in Chicago. I don't know how long this will last, and as I've since realized this is mostly conditional on a host of factors beyond my control. I'll try to enjoy it while it lasts.


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