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My weekends are too busy

When I lived in Chicago, I often had weekends where I didn't do anything. Some of these were intentional (because of a long week at work), but sometimes it wasn't. Weekends of the latter sort usually left me with regret, because I felt like I wanted to do something, anything, rather than stay home and watch Netflix. Since moving to San Francisco, however, I haven't had many (or in fact, any) of those kinds of weekends. Instead, I now encounter some weekends where I am actually too busy (too many things scheduled at once). It's a pleasant change, but it's gotten me to wonder why that is the case.

To the best of my knowledge, here are the reasons why my weekends are now "too busy":

1. My friends are different in San Francisco. Much of the initial "dead space" on my weekends where I spent time alone has been taken up by a core group of friends who I spend more time with. This is probably for two reasons. The first is that while I had friends in Chi…