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Short Story: Las Vegas Troubles

Prompt: It's the near future in 2048, and just outside of Las Vegas you get pulled over by the police. The police offer looks pissed.

Just great, you thought, the first time I've been to Vegas since I was a kid, and instead of enjoying the Angry Birds convention I get to deal with Angry Cop. Now that you think about it, it is strange that the American History Association would host their now annual Angry Birds convention in Las Vegas, but it's even weirder that you've only been to Vegas 2 times. You'd think that as someone who always wanted to be more irresponsible, you would have gone more often, but life caught up to you and your youth was wasted doing a boring desk job.

Even stranger was the fact that your parents took you to Vegas when you were 4. You suppose that probably makes sense, as they were new to the United States back then, and definitely were still pretty enamored by the touristy elements of being in the country, but who brings a child to this kind of …