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Short Story: Movie to Mars

Based on the following prompt: People back home say you're the luckiest person they know. No one could remember anyone winning a lottery that large before. It just barely paid for your one-person shuttle into space. You were on a trajectory towards Mars where you hoped to live the rest of your life out in peace, when after a particularly restful nap you saw some bright, ominous lights outside a nearby window.

The first thing he thought about was that one Simpsons Halloween episode where the earth was destroyed by Y2K and all of the geniuses of the planet were sent to Mars. The joke, of course, that while Lisa and Marge had gotten onto that spacecraft, Homer and Bart had run onto the one with all of the worst people on Earth, who were sent to the sun. For a brief, panicky moment, he thought that the entire "one-person shuttle" project had actually been a perverse joke to send him into that great big fireball in the sky.

That is preposterous, he thought to himself. I should …