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I Didn't Like Argo

Hollywood, despite the liberal sensibilities of its actors and other members, is an inherently conservative industry. Sure, on the fringes, you will see films push the boundaries, but the kinds of films that generally get wide releases at the box office are going to be conservative, if not socially or politically, then definitely thematically. That is, Hollywood has a set range of stories and outcomes for its big movies, and no matter what the source material says, their movies will always end up within a few combinations of endings.

This is understandable: making movies is actually a risky business. Battlefield Earth's flop famously sunk Franchise pictures. Any film that you release has a chance of being a loss on the order of hundreds of millions dollars. But nonetheless, these are just excuses: ultimately, the limited number of outcomes for movies sometimes entirely ruins said movies.

This was the case with Argo. And to be fair to the film, a lot of it was accurate. Sure, there…