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Review: Iron Man 2

I had a lot of sequels to movies that I originally enjoyed that I never got around to watching. From what my friends told me, some of these sequels did not pan out, and some did. However, I put off watching some of these movies for so long that I had actually forgotten whether they belonged to the former or the latter category. I think Iron Man 2 was supposed to belong to the "not that great" group of movie sequels, but strangely, I neither like nor dislike it, even after watching it.

The plot of the movie is pretty standard for a superhero sequel movie, so see if you can fill in the blanks. After ____ beats the bad guy in the first movie, _____ encounters a honeymoon period where everything is awesome, but there is some foreshadowing both of possible personal problems relating to _____'s powers and the potential for an even greater villain to show up. Meanwhile, ______, having overcome any lingering emotional issues that had prevented him from becoming a superhero in the past movie, now goes too far in the opposite direction, and ultimately ends up jeopardizing _____'s ability to be a superhero at all.

Of course, subpar or generic plots can be saved by decent acting, which seems to be what happens here. It's hard to screw up casting an Iron Man movie, especially when by default you have both Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. Throw in Mickey Rourke, and just about the only character you can dislike is Tony Stark's (Downey Jr.) business rival Justin Hammer, played by Sam Rockwell. Rockwell has a difficult task, playing a character that by design is supposed to be annoying but not over the top so, and he just barely crosses the line.

As a result, the combination of decent acting and below average plot produces a completely forgettable experience. If you have an interest in continuing the story from the first Iron Man movie (and you should, as that movie had a pretty great ending), then this movie barely finds itself on the list of movies you ought to watch. If you never saw the first movie, go see that instead. Otherwise, this film is the equivalent of background noise.

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