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Review: Captain America

The first move in a series of movies for any particular superhero has a difficult task. It must both establish the origins of the hero and also serve up a convincing and entertaining story to boot. Though it would seem that sometimes both of these goals can be the same, they are in fact different: an entertaining story has to have what amounts to a conclusion by the end of the movie, while an origin story needs to explain all of the initial motivations for a character. Oftentimes, movies will place more emphasis on one or the other, usually skimping on the entertaining story to better help the origin story. Captain America suffers from some of these problems.

Barack Obama won tonight's debate

Obama won for three reasons:
Better one liners: Obama had the more memorable moments and memorable lines. Highlights include "the 1980s called - they want their foreign policy back" and Obama chiding Romney by explaining in rudimentary terms how a modern navy works.Romney on defense: Unfortunately for Romney, many of his positions are similar to Obama with regards to foreign policy. This made it difficult for him to make too many contrasts with Obama, which given Obama's position as the President, makes it seem like Romney doesn't have any original ideas.Domestic policy is not the best fall back: in this debate, falling back to domestic policy makes it seem like Romney was going off topic and therefore either not focused or not knowledgeable enough about the topic at hand. Even if that penalty was not strong, Obama came out ready for domestic policy anyways, and giving him a second chance to avenge Denver is not strategic. So in short, Obama won.

Review: Iron Man 2

I had a lot of sequels to movies that I originally enjoyed that I never got around to watching. From what my friends told me, some of these sequels did not pan out, and some did. However, I put off watching some of these movies for so long that I had actually forgotten whether they belonged to the former or the latter category. I think Iron Man 2 was supposed to belong to the "not that great" group of movie sequels, but strangely, I neither like nor dislike it, even after watching it.

Review: Men in Black 3

Let's be honest: there is absolutely no point to Men in Black 3. If, for some unknown reason, you thought that the point of the movie industry was to create works of fiction with meaning, then this movie disproves that. This is not a movie that needed to be made for any other reason than money. There were no pressing issues to be answered from Men in Black 2, and indeed beyond the original movie the Men in Black series feels less like stories worthy of an actual movie and more like really expensive and long television episodes. That is especially a problem given both that the source material has so much to work off of and that there already exists an animated television series, and a pretty good one to boot, which only further reinforces that within the even the limited, much lowered expectations of a movie that is both unneeded and outdone by a cartoon, this movie should at all levels disappoint me.

Some good thoughts on improving the Presidential debates

I know some of the people who are experts in this video: they're both right and pretty awesome.