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The London Olympics

My first memory of an Olympic sporting event was, appropriately enough, of news reports of the United States national basketball team's (relatively) terrible performance in Athens. That I followed these news reports while on summer vacation in China is probably symbolic of why I am drawn back to watching the Olympics repeatedly. For me, the Olympics are about identity: it might not be the case that this is true for everyone, and indeed, like everyone else, I too enjoy the thrill of sport's greatest performing over the course of about two weeks on the world's biggest stage. But even as early as 2000, back when I was only 10 years old and I was in my grandfather's Beijing apartment, watching coverage of the bidding process for the 2008 Olympics and Beijing's subsequent win, it is hard for me to separate the Olympics from the sense of who I am and the journey to get there. It probably doesn't help that there are always points of nationalistic pride on the line, wh…


I haven't posted in here in over 4 months, and that's mostly because of lack of motivation. That is in fact a common theme throughout much of what I've been doing lately, but I'm hoping to turn it around.

As part of that, I'm hoping to publish at least one article per week going forward, if not more. Of course, that might include sometimes queuing up a buffer, but hopefully those articles that I do write will also be timely.

Then again, I've said this multiple times, and multiple times it's failed to pan out. Perhaps I'm not motivated to write.

If there are any people still reading this stay tuned.