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Obscure shows on Hulu, part 1

I could write my personal statement and complete graduate school applications, or I could in fact decide to find obscure television shows that have been cancelled on Hulu and write about them. Today's show: Century City.


About: Imagine any show about lawyers, but now in the future! That's right: did you ever wonder what a poorly done Boston Legal but futuristic would look like? Well you don't have to wonder anymore. Century City is a show set in a legal firm that apparently only deals with the most important issues of its day, including whether AI's have rights as humans and whether baseball players can be cyborgs.

Is it worth watching? In all honesty only if you're either a fan of science fiction or law. There's really no great characters or personal drama, and sometimes even the scenarios designed to push the boundaries of human thought are kind of weak. Still, I watched it and recall enjoying most of the episodes. You should too.