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Liveblogging The Glenbrooks

Day 1 is done. Day 2 will be a fucking adventure in and of itself. It's 8:57PM, and I need a beer.

Because I'm probably not going to get a whole lot of ballots, and because apparently I might have to judge for two days instead of one (it's going to be fun figuring out how to get here on day 2, let me tell you), I'll liveblog the Glenbrooks. That's right, you finally get an inside look into the nation's largest high school run debate tournament. It'll be fun for all ages.

8:52PM - If you wonder why there was such a gap, allow me to elaborate. After making the Metra train (on foot from GBN, no less), I went downtown to get a Chipotle burrito, walking past a place called Epic Burger that I regret passing. Then, I proceeded to get on a series of CTA trains, each more comical than the last. I intended to get to a Red Line stop, which actually entailed going to the nearest CTA loop stop, which ended up being a Green Line/Pink Line stop. I took a Pink Line train to a place where I could transfer to the Red Line, except that because of a fire, the Red Line trains were actually rerouted to the L, instead of being underground. This was bitterly ironic because I had gone underground to get to the Red Line and now had to go back up. And so, after getting on a Red Line train, I ignore the fact that because of too many trains going together this train was an "express" train (and so didn't stop at Garfield, mostly because I had my headphones on. I then proceeded to get off at 69th, take another train back to Garfield, only to be crowded onto a 55 bus with every student from UChicago. Though props to Woodward House for moving farther back to fit more people.

4:50PM - In a show of professionalism, Leighton Huch decides to try and play Angry Birds on my phone during the NR. She is obviously the most qualified of judges.

2:41PM - No judging means I get to nap. Oh thank God.

1:57PM - Karlyn Gorski is jealous of my lack of ballots.

12:44PM - Lunch is delicious.

12:11PM - The ability of Louis Balocca to hit on attractive women astounds me.

11:40AM - I can't spell.

11:34AM - They keep giving out free slices of cake.

11:12AM - This school's firewall is good. Too good. It not only blocks Facebook, it also blocks the little "like" buttons that Facebook has convinced all website owners to put on their pages. Wow.

10:50AM - And down goes the veil of ignorance.

10:29AM - This round is basically the aff saying "John Rawls has this veil of ignorance" and the neg saying "no." After GWI finals I'm inclined to drop both of them.

9:35AM - I think I'll be able to get through my entire Hulu queue today.

9:16AM - Ooh, the Warm Room is a great online system. it tells me like 45 minutes in advance whether I have a ballot or not. In this case, I do. Shit.

8:32AM - The only difference between this and any other day is that I'm on reddit earlier.

8:00AM - I don't have a ballot, as expected. Turns out I'm obligated for the entire tournament. God I hope my kid doesn't break.