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Liveblogging the Glenbrooks, Part 2

Part 2 of my liveblog.

7:12PM - No octafinals and one final silly adventure back with Leighton Huch later, Glenbrooks is over. As an additional note, I'd like to acknowledge Eric Thurm's fictional nation of Afsanderstan, where all the weapons are plagiarized.

4:56PM - So the kid I'm judging for isn't breaking. Now all I need is for me not to judge octafinals and I'm out of here.

4:42PM - "I'm excited by children. I sometimes get a little too excited and engage in horseplay." - Eric Thurm

4:41PM - This liveblog has kind of just degenerated into a series of quotes. Also, they've started running out of food in the judges' lounge.

3:47PM - "ERIC THURM IS NOT MY FRIEND" - Leighton Huch

12:08PM - Everyone keeps talking about Nazis.

10:54AM - I HAVE FINALLY PICKED UP A FULL ROUND'S WORTH OF BALLOTS. In also some probable irony, I am judging in the orchestra room. I'm pretty sure this is the viola section. My life is filled with repe…

Liveblogging The Glenbrooks

Day 1 is done. Day 2 will be a fucking adventure in and of itself. It's 8:57PM, and I need a beer.

Because I'm probably not going to get a whole lot of ballots, and because apparently I might have to judge for two days instead of one (it's going to be fun figuring out how to get here on day 2, let me tell you), I'll liveblog the Glenbrooks. That's right, you finally get an inside look into the nation's largest high school run debate tournament. It'll be fun for all ages.

8:52PM - If you wonder why there was such a gap, allow me to elaborate. After making the Metra train (on foot from GBN, no less), I went downtown to get a Chipotle burrito, walking past a place called Epic Burger that I regret passing. Then, I proceeded to get on a series of CTA trains, each more comical than the last. I intended to get to a Red Line stop, which actually entailed going to the nearest CTA loop stop, which ended up being a Green Line/Pink Line stop. I took a Pink Line train t…