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How do you deal with death?

At some point in everyone's life, people consider the possibility of death. They don't consider it well, however. While death as an abstract concept and a state of being is usually easily understood, and many people can often clearly identify when others or other living things die, their own death is never well dealt with. That is, nobody ever thinks that they will die.

Part of the reason for this is obvious: it's difficult to conceptualize yourself not being there. Indeed, even when you envision life after you're dead, you're still envisioning it as if you have a presence that allows you to observe what is happening. The idea that your consciousness will forever be gone is not something that you ever really can consider: you can't imagine your consciousness not existing, so imagining what it truly is like when you're dead is hard.

Another reason is simply because people are afraid of death. The idea that you will no longer be around is an inherently terrif…