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Review: The King's Speech

It took me almost a full year to get around to reviewing this movie. And while I see it as being a good movie worth watching, I do not believe that all of the praise lavished upon it when it first came out is worthwhile. Indeed, while the movie is good, and generally speaking people can agree upon it being good, it is not great. That is to say, everyone would agree that it is a good movie, but good in the sense that everyone would rate it 6 out of 10, rather than, say, 9 out of 10.

Certainly this isn't because of the acting. The acting is great. Colin Firth and company put in believable and compelling performances. Nor is the dialogue itself unrealistic given its setting. Indeed, it is not what they say nor how they say it, because both the acting and the dialogue in this movie is top notch.

And yet the plot, despite aspects of reality, is what dooms this film to being merely good. The story of King George VI's family and personal problems would be compelling without embellis…