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Summer schedule set

So until the end of September my schedule has been set. I will be in New Jersey until August 15, Chicago until September 8, Baltimore for that weekend, Washington D.C. for the week after that, then New Jersey again until the end of the 3rd week of September, and finally back in time for school to start.

I need to get a good suitcase, is what I'm saying.

Beluga Whale Serenaded by Mariachi Music

Thoroughly enjoyed, would watch again.

Five thoughts on MORPDA

I went down to Maryland this weekend with some friends to attend a summer debate tournament. Here are my thoughts.

Maryland bagels, I am sad to report, are not delicious.At these kinds of things, nobody should ever get below a 25 (ie, averaage APDA speaks) out of politeness.At the same time, nobody should ever run boring, stock, tight cases. Winning isn't supposed to be the goal, preparing for the season or just having fun is.Bouncers at Georgetown bars are pretty douchey.Overall, I had a fun weekend. I would care to repeat this experience again.