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The worst episode of America's Got Talent I've ever seen

Holy crap. From the start with the god-awful cross promotion with the Smurfs movie, to the great idea to surprise the audience with three contestants that don't move on (which, while a nice change for the television audience, created the most awkward silence possible), to the continued promotion of the Smurfs, to the awkward segway into the "Orville Redenbacher green room," this episode was terrible even by the standards of a results show for a reality competition. If you want to see a terrible show, just look below.

Trolling a spambot

This spambot was trying to get me to sign up for an adult webcam. I almost believed him/her for a brief second, and then I didn't. Below is the chat transcript:

(12:18:17 AM)cameramankiller:hey
(12:18:24 AM)YesIAmYourGod: hey
(12:18:33 AM)cameramankiller:HeIIo there.. My name is jamie.. Got ur ID through Messenger Directory
(12:18:47 AM)YesIAmYourGod: oh ok cool
(12:18:50 AM)YesIAmYourGod: do i know you?
(12:19:01 AM)YesIAmYourGod: from somewhere?
(12:19:20 AM)cameramankiller:I Iove chatting with new peopIe.. WouId u Iike to chat today? Where are u from?
(12:19:42 AM)YesIAmYourGod: i'm from nj
(12:19:44 AM)YesIAmYourGod: and you?
(12:20:12 AM)cameramankiller:Nice Im 19 years oId i'm going to schooI in FIorida.. Can i ask u a question?
(12:21:01 AM)YesIAmYourGod: sure
(12:21:21 AM)cameramankiller:Do u Iike big booty girIs with big tits? IoI seriousIy cuz thats what ppI teII me i have..Is that too much for u to handIe?
(12:21:29 AM)YesIAmYourGod: yeah probably
(12:21:51 AM)cameramankiller…

Laddering in Starcraft 2

So by the time most people really started playing Starcraft 1, that is about 3-4 years in (when broadband became more widely available), the ranking and ladder system within the game had become basically obsolete. Alternate systems for rankings like iccup and other leagues developed, but Blizzard has ensured that the ladder rankings will retain their relevance in Starcraft 2, unlike its predecessor.

Of course, in order to keep interest and prevent inactive players from clogging up divisions/rankings, Blizzard has implemented different seasons for SC2. To do this, though, they also have season locks, periods when it's impossible to move up and down in rank right before each season resets. This is the ideal time for people to try new strategies or switch races. This is what I've been trying to do on the 4v4 ladder.

I've switched races from Protoss to Terran. My feeling was that warp gate usage (the primary way of utilizing gateways) was not playing to my strengths, as I had …

Back in NJ for a bit

Now that I'm back in NJ after taking the GRE's (and working a stint as a research assistant), I'm getting ready both to fulfill some summer goals as well as to prepare for the fall. What does that entail? Well for starters, my task list including books to read (and updating my other website, Derive Politics) will be completed, or at least progress will be made within a month. Additionally, it's time to start looking into the 15 or so grad schools I'd be applying to for next year. Staying active otherwise would help too, including getting ready for season 3 of the Starcraft 2 ladder.

Will I accomplish my goals? Will I still have my RA position when I get back to Chicago? Will anything unforeseen happen? Stay tuned to find out.