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Scav Day 1

As the first day of Scav has concluded, I can look back on it saying that the event so far has been a success for South Campus. Perhaps we will not get certain things, like lions (cough cough Max P), but we're making progress on all of the important showcase items, and we're hitting all of the time-sensitive items.

Case in point, the Scav Sheriff items. There was a debate held at 7PM in the BSLC. Not only did I arrive on time to be the Scav Captain, but we had a lively and humorous debate about irrelevant issues. I now need to go to the mudslinging competition at Scav Olympics, as well as make a campaign ad for myself. All in the spirit of fun, of course.

And as usual, I will end with yet another plug for our search result, Mama Shaq.
Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq, Shaq's your mom, that's a fact.