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Last reactions from Scav

1. I think our team actually did pretty well this year. Yeah, we finished 5th, but given the inevitability of a sophomore slump (and a ridiculously strong performance from MacPierce and even Blint at the Scav Olympics), we did pretty well. We learned a bunch of things that we did wrong and should improve on next year.
2. That said, the two things we should definitely change are how the forum registration worked and the blood drive. We need to advertise the blood drive much more prevalently next year, with ads around South Campus the week beforehand. I need to start setting up the forum much earlier, and change it from an opt-in system to an opt-out one.
3. We did pretty well at Scav Olympics this year, considering the variation. We had no idea that Blint would win three events in a row. Otherwise, random variance accounted for our third (as opposed to first) place finish.
4. Lastly, this year was a lot of fun. We might have concerns next year because we're running out of people to do showcase items, but the new crop of kids who were really involved this year give me hope. Our showcase items will be pretty awesome next year. We'll do better than this year.