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MLS Top and Bottom 5, Week 3

Here are the top 5 and worst 5 teams in the MLS, based on their performance this week.

Top 5

  1. Real Salt Lake - Not just undefeated, but completely victorious throughout. A clear number 1.
  2. Colorado Rapids - Also undefeated, but doesn't look as strong as Real Salt Lake because of the latter's CONCACAF Champions League performance.
  3. Los Angeles Galaxy - They get this spot only because they have the third most wins, but their long term prospects are not as strong as they should be for a team of LA's caliber.
  4. Philadelphia Union - This team continues their strong start, despite a loss to LA.
  5. New York Red Bulls - They would be fourth, but tying twice is not good for New York, especially when they spend so much money.
Bottom 5 (with the worst being at #5)
  1. Toronto FC - That wide open miss is at least putting Toronto on the highlight reel somehow.
  2. Seattle Sounders - Still winless. How is this possible?
  3. Portland Timbers - One point, an expansion MLS team does make.
  4. Chivas USA - One point, a real MLS team does not make.
  5. FC Dallas - No wins, one goal. That's bad.