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Review: Due Date

Zach Galifianakis is a good actor. I say good, because he mostly plays one type of character, but he plays that type fantastically. In "The Hangover" Galifianakis plays a funny outsider who acts weirdly. In "Due Date" he plays a very similar character. Fortunately, this kind of character is in fact very much enjoyable, making "Due Date" a movie worth watching.

The plot of this movie is straightforward. Robert Downey Jr.'s character needs to get back home to attend the birth of his son. He gets kicked off an airplane and is put on a no fly list, necessitating him traveling by car. This, of course, leads him to travel with Galifianakis' character, and hijinks ensue. The plot does not feel contrived, and the problems introduced by the road trip feel both organic and are hilarious.

Alll of the actors give convincing performances, with special recognition for both Downey Jr. and Galifianakis. Of all of the characters encountered in the movie, these two…

MLS Top and Bottom 5, Week 6

Here are the top 5 and bottom 5 teams in the MLS based on this week's performance.

Top 5

Real Salt Lake - Sadly, they are not going on to the FIFA Club World Cup, but getting this far was something I don't think anyone else could have done.New York Red Bulls - Nothing better than a rivalry win like that.LA Galaxy - With Landon Donovan returning to form, the Galaxy of last year are back.Philadelphia Union - This team is still hanging in there, but their fast start is slowing down.Seattle Sounders -The Sounders, on the other hand, are building on their slow start.Bottom 5 Chicago Fire - They're falling, and falling fast. A quick turnaround is necessary to not slip into obscurity this season.Sporting KC - The road trip is not working out for them.Chivas USA - How did they win a game? Regardless, they are no longer on the bottom of this ranking.Vancouver - And the expansion teams switch places in terms of momentum at this stage of the season.San Jose - They've faced a tough …

MLS Top and Bottom 5, Week 5

Here are the top and bottom 5 teams in the MLS based on this weekend.

Top 5

Real Salt Lake -  Indisputably the best team in this league, period.New York Red Bulls - Their victory this weekend is more of the form that we expect from one of the richest teams in the league.Philadelphia Union - They're dropping down because of a disappointing draw against the upward Sounders.Colorado Rapids - Let's assume they're still just as good as before, because everyone is losing to Real Salt Lake.L.A. Galaxy - Only because they have a great record, but they also have the most games played.Bottom 5 (with the worst being at #5)
Vancouver Whitecaps - Well, they played to the level of Chivas USA. That's not a good sign.Toronto FC - They were so close to being relevant this year. So very, very close.FC Dallas - They got shellacked by Portland, never the best sign. However, they get some slack just for the fact that Portland's been playing amazing at home.New England Revolution - Does t…

Review: The Other Guys

I came into this movie with relatively high expectations. Everyone who had seen the movie and I had asked about it told me positive things about this movie. As such, despite the fact that the movie turned out to be quite good, I feel like my expectations were not met. "The Other Guys" was a good movie, but it was not as good as I was hoping it to be.

The plot of the movie is pretty self explanatory. Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell play two cops, both of which are the "other guys" in a police department. They are not the top police officers, the ones that action movies are made about. In fact, they're two people who basically are stuck in the office all day. All of the actors perform exactly as you'd expect, though special props go to Dwayne Johnson, Ferrell and Rob Riggle. The other characters played their parts well: however, I feel like at times they went over the top in a bad way.

My major problem with the plot and dialogue is not that it's not humoro…

MLS Top and Bottom 5, Week 4

Here are the top and bottom 5 teams from the MLS based on their performance this week.

Top 5

Real Salt Lake - No reason to change yet.Philadelphia Union - A very strong start to the season now has Philadelphia in charge of the East.LA Galaxy - A draw against DC United wasn't the best result they could have hoped for, but not the worst either.Colorado Rapids - The result against Dallas was unexpected, but Colorado is still in a good position.DC United - Their draw against Los Angeles shows that this team is on the rise.Bottom 5 (with the worst at #5) FC Dallas - Oh, look who joined the MLS this weekend.Columbus Crew - Their performance against Chivas USA was only justified by the fact Columbus has an excuse of rebuilding this year.New England Revolution - Losing to Real Salt Lake's B side is a disappointment beyond belief. This team looks like they're checked out.Portland Timbers - Expansion teams suck their first year, and Portland is no exception.Chivas USA - Why is this te…

MLS Top and Bottom 5, Week 3

Here are the top 5 and worst 5 teams in the MLS, based on their performance this week.

Top 5

Real Salt Lake - Not just undefeated, but completely victorious throughout. A clear number 1.Colorado Rapids - Also undefeated, but doesn't look as strong as Real Salt Lake because of the latter's CONCACAF Champions League performance.Los Angeles Galaxy - They get this spot only because they have the third most wins, but their long term prospects are not as strong as they should be for a team of LA's caliber.Philadelphia Union - This team continues their strong start, despite a loss to LA.New York Red Bulls - They would be fourth, but tying twice is not good for New York, especially when they spend so much money.Bottom 5 (with the worst being at #5) Toronto FC - That wide open miss is at least putting Toronto on the highlight reel somehow.Seattle Sounders - Still winless. How is this possible?Portland Timbers - One point, an expansion MLS team does make.Chivas USA - One point, a real…