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Some other Derive Politics postings

Other stuff I've written for Derive Politics, including a piece on the civil service and taxation. Excerpts:

"By comparison with most of the world, America' bureaucracy seems to be doing a very good job. It is not overtly corrupt, unlike those of most of the world's countries. Most of America's civil servants are well educated, with a large proportion holding college degrees. America's laws and government institutions function relatively smoothly."

Full article here.

And of course, an excerpt from the taxation article:

"It's hard to underestimate the importance of taxation policy. A good policy of taxation is the key to a thriving nation, both in terms of government finances and economic vitality. A bad policy is almost as crippling as a thousand restrictive regulations, both because of the intrinsic money that would be wasted on taxes and the costs associated with trying to avoid paying them. In general, tax policy ought to be simple to understand and minimally imposing, as well as being as distorting economic incentives as little as possible. By these standards, the American tax system is a joke."

Full story here.