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MLS Top and Bottom 5, Week 1

Power rankings are something that are nearly impossible to do well unless you're just using objective information. Instead, this hopefully weekly feature will be about the 10 Major League Soccer teams (5 good, 5 bad), that have captured the attention of the league with their performances.

Top 5:

  1. New York Red Bulls - With Juan Agudelo showing himself to be more than an adequate replacement for the other Juan (Pablo Angel), who can stop the Red Bulls this year?
  2. D.C. United - It looks like Charlie Davies is back, and so is this D.C. United franchise.
  3. Colorado Rapids - The defending MLS Champs look like they're picking up right where they left off.
  4. Vancouver Whitecaps - Yes, the team they did beat was only Toronto F.C., but winning your first MLS match in such a convincing fashion still counts for something.
  5. Los Angeles Galaxy - The solid win featuring brilliance from Juninho in the season opener was tempered somewhat with a home draw against the New England Revolution, not the league's strongest of teams.
Bottom 5 (with #1 being the "best" of the worst and #5 being the truly worst team in the league):
  1. Seattle Sounders - Two losses against two of the league's highest paid teams isn't something that is unexpected, but Seattle is supposed to be one of the league's powerhouses. That, combined with no visible scoring leader poses a big problem for the foreseeable future.
  2. Portland Timbers - This team played more like how I would expect an expansion franchise to play.
  3. Chivas USA - Is there a year where this team won't be disappointing?
  4. Columbus Crew - Rebuilding years suck.
  5. Toronto FC - Five years in, this club shows no signs of even coming close to being playoff contenders. In some leagues, that might be okay, but especially given that Major League Soccer has had expansion teams come up and be very much successful at least a few years in, this complete lack of success is just disappointing.