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MLS Top and Bottom 5, Week 2

Another week of play, another set of top and bottom 5 rankings. Here they are:

Top 5

Real Salt Lake - Yeah, dismantling the Galaxy will put you here.Colorado Rapids - They would have the first place here but for Real Salt Lake's performance against the LA Galaxy. Still, being undefeated is pretty good.Philadelphia Union - This team has been the surprise of the early season.New York Red Bulls - Somehow, even without any starters, this team gets a draw against Columbus.Chicago Fire - A win against Sporting KC reaffirms that Chicago's going somewhere this season.Bottom 5 Chivas USA - No wins.Portland Timbers - Still no wins, but signs of progress.FC Dallas - A loss shows that this team is going downhill.DC United - And they were off to such a promising start too.Houston Dynamo - They're kind of stagnant.

Some other Derive Politics postings

Other stuff I've written for Derive Politics, including a piece on the civil service and taxation. Excerpts:

"By comparison with most of the world, America' bureaucracy seems to be doing a very good job. It is not overtly corrupt, unlike those of most of the world's countries. Most of America's civil servants are well educated, with a large proportion holding college degrees. America's laws and government institutions function relatively smoothly."

Full article here.

And of course, an excerpt from the taxation article:

"It's hard to underestimate the importance of taxation policy. A good policy of taxation is the key to a thriving nation, both in terms of government finances and economic vitality. A bad policy is almost as crippling as a thousand restrictive regulations, both because of the intrinsic money that would be wasted on taxes and the costs associated with trying to avoid paying them. In general, tax policy ought to be simple t…

MLS Top and Bottom 5, Week 1

Power rankings are something that are nearly impossible to do well unless you're just using objective information. Instead, this hopefully weekly feature will be about the 10 Major League Soccer teams (5 good, 5 bad), that have captured the attention of the league with their performances.

Top 5:

New York Red Bulls - With Juan Agudelo showing himself to be more than an adequate replacement for the other Juan (Pablo Angel), who can stop the Red Bulls this year?D.C. United - It looks like Charlie Davies is back, and so is this D.C. United franchise.Colorado Rapids - The defending MLS Champs look like they're picking up right where they left off.Vancouver Whitecaps - Yes, the team they did beat was only Toronto F.C., but winning your first MLS match in such a convincing fashion still counts for something.Los Angeles Galaxy - The solid win featuring brilliance from Juninho in the season opener was tempered somewhat with a home draw against the New England Revolution, not the league&…

Spring break

A lull between quarters means that I can catch up on everything that I want to, but nothing that I need to. Which is to say, these are the things I want to accomplish during spring break.

Finish updating Derive Politics through to MarchWrite up reviews of Due Date and The Other GuysWrite about the MLS season that's now underwayFinish watching my entire Hulu queueFinish reading NudgeRead The Economics of Justice by Richard PosnerWrite 3 debate casesDo well at BU this weekendOriginally on that list was "run every day" but that was kind of cut short by the weather. Obviously, it's very unlikely that everything on this list will be accomplished, but why not try?

Doing a bit of writing

Over at Derive Politics, I've written a new piece on Libya. An excerpt:

"The implementation of a no-flight zone as well as military strikes against the forces of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi has been the dominant headline of the past weekend and likely the dominating focus of the upcoming week. This act is an anomaly: among all of the uprisings that have occurred in the Middle East, the only one that the West and in fact any members of the outside world have decided to intervene in is this one. Despite misgivings to the contrary, the course of action being taken by international forces seems to be the right one. However, several key conditions have to be met by those establishing the no flight zone in order to ensure long term efficacy without also creating a quagmire."

Full article here.

The calm before the storm

So this is the Wednesday of finals week. I've already put three finals behind me (in fact, my three hardest finals) and ahead of me is the final in the easy class I've taken this quarter. Given that I have today and most of tomorrow to prepare, I'm not too worried, but then again I said the same thing for this sequence class' prequel, and only ended up with an A- after having beaten the curve twice on the midterms.

And then after that, there's a debate tournament involving 15 hours worth of driving. So uh, there's that.