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College Football's Undefeated: Likelihood of 4 Undefeated Teams is Too High

No real changes from before. Utah lost as expected.

  1. Oregon [Pac 10] (1st BCS, 10-0 overall, 7-0 conference) 
  2. Auburn [SEC] (2nd BCS, 11-0 overall, 7-0 conference)  
  3. TCU [MWC] (3rd BCS, 11-0 overall, 7-0 conference)
  4. Boise State [WAC] (4th BCS, 9-0 overall, 5-0 conference)
Game of the Week: Oregon vs. Cal. The game was much closer than expected.
Most Likely to Stay Undefeated: TCU. They have a weaker opponent than Boise State this week.
Least Likely to Stay Undefeated: Auburn. Good luck against Alabama.