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First day of midterm week

Today was the first day of the second week of my midterms: last week I had one midterm for Math 19520 (also known as mathematics for the social sciences, also known as math for the econ majors who couldn't do analysis, also known as my cowardice for dropping out of the math major). This week I have midterms for Econ 28000 and Stat 22400, which are Intro to Industrial Organization and Applied Regression and Analysis, respectively. In theory, the classes shouldn't be too difficult. However, Sebastian Gay, the instructor in Econ 280, tends to make problems harder than he realizes. There have been 2 or 3 problem set problems this year that turned out to involve economic analysis that wasn't even taught in the main economics sequence. On the positive side, this elective gives me hope that economics isn't just easy math exercises all the time. In theory, both midterms are equally important, and actually Econ 280 is the harder class. In practice, however, since the stat 224 midterm counts for more (and since Sebastian's willing to count the final for the same amount as the midterm + the final if the final's grade is higher), I will probably spend more time studying for statistic 224. Like all stat tests, I'm allowed a page of notes. Let's see how that works out.

This is in addition to the 4 problem sets I'm supposed to submit every week. Problem set 1 for econ 280 is done, as is one of the 4 memos I'm supposed to actually submit. Though I should have probably spent more time studying today, I ended up spending more time relaxing. It's okay: I'll take off from work tomorrow in order to get more time to do the statistics problem set, and then also do a little bit of studying. After this week, however, things get easier.

Check back in tomorrow to see how the problem set and studying fared.