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The first upset rolls in from college football

Yes folks, it's that time of year again. College football returns to bless the world, and already in the first games of the season we have an upset of a ranked team. That team is No. 15 Pittsburgh, who lost in overtime to Utah of the Mountain West Conference. Here's a recap. Obviously this isn't that big of an upset: Utah is the original BCS buster school, and not two years ago they destroyed Alabama in embarrassing fashion. The Mountain West is also the strongest non-BCS autoqualifier conference, so it's not entirely unexpected that a team like Utah would win, especially since after this season they'll be a Pac-10 (12?) school.

Check in after the first weekend concludes with Boise State versus Virginia Tech (I might analyze the game, for what it's worth), for the first list of college football's undefeated FBS teams. Yes it's early, but it's probably the best way of keeping track of who really deserves a national championship. By the end of the month, I'll also hope to roll out my highly inaccurate ranking of teams (the process which I will also document), just because I feel like a practical application for statistics probably would help me learn it better.

Sports will become kind of a big deal in the fall, as will school. Expect more posting to come soon enough.