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Filler Derive Politics post: Explanation of Nation Building

So this is not a filler post in the sense that it was just filler on the Derive Politics website, rather it is filler here until I get more free time. An excerpt:

"When you look at the U.S. Military, nothing is more telling than the nuclear arms race of the cold war. While America refrained from increasing it's land area by invading neighboring countries such as Mexico and Canada, it was Russia who vastly increased the soviet union. At one point or another, it wasn't too far fetched to think that Russia would eventually swallow up all of Europe and the Middle East due to their rather weak state after the war. And in part, part of the reason why Russia had ended up using diplomatic pressure rather than military pressure was because the United States had nuclear weapons at its disposal, giving all U.S. allies a free sovereignty card. So if the Russians were big on invading and conquering, how come the Americans didn't? "

More here.