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Summer List

So my internship at RCF Econ has evaporated, and nobody's at fault except the federal government!

That is to say, the project we were working on for the Department of Energy was cancelled. Yes, 7 weeks into the project, after a late start, the Department of Energy decided that we weren't going to get done on time (or they had difficulty getting the information they needed from industry vendors, either or) and decided to cancel our contract. Working there wasn't bad, and it paid well, so I'm a bit unhappy. Instead, now I'm working only part time (2 days a week, $90/week on average) and I have a lot of free time. As such, here is the list of things I plan on doing. Some of them will start immediately, some next week:

1. Watch 5 movies that I've wanted to watch for a while.

Right now, those movies are The Hangover, The A-Team, The Expendables, Get Him to the Greek, and Lord of War. I'll add more as I go along.

2. Finish Thomas Friedman's The Lexus and the Olive Tree and Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish.

One of those is going to be easier than the other, but I haven't read either of them. Don't tell my SOSC teacher about the latter, though, because that was assigned reading for his class.

3. Get my 5 cases in order for the fall season of tournaments.

For full disclosure (by which I mean no disclosure), the cases are about:
A bomb-omb meeting Mario.
School funding for the arts and athletics
The Kobayashi Maru test
Santa's elves want a union
Communism or capitalism: Africa edition!

4. Read through all 3 of my textbooks for my fall quarter classes

Technically I have four (having just ordered the fourth one), but I don't think I'll need to review for Econ 203.

5. Run 4 out of 7 days of the week

Not a lot. Still, running might help me with this lethargy.