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Review: Lord of War

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that Nicolas Cage has been in good movies in the past. Given that he usually produces one good movie every five or so, that's not hard to do. This is definitely one of his better movies, and it deserves to be watched.

And let's be honest: this movie is basically just Cage. He plays the fictional arms dealer Yuri Orlov, based on a real person (as well as other similar people) who worked smuggling weapons out of the former Soviet Union. The general plot's pretty easy to follow: Cage smuggles weapons everywhere and then the travails of such a job are highlighted. Along the way, he tries to hide what he does from his loved ones as well as the police. The only real knock against the plot would be the fact that it ramps up too quickly, and in early moments you find it difficult to connect all of the globetrotting and some of the characters together. Nonetheless, it's not a bad plot, and it does its job admirably.

I've already covered the acting. All I really have to add is that the supporting cast does its job reasonably well.

Overall, this movie is worth watching. It does offer an entertaining story as well as some revealing looks into the past. Don't expect too much from it, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.