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Review: The Expendables

Well, consider this the start of my attempt to finish my list of things to do this summer. This is the first of the five movies I've wanted to watch this summer, and holy shit was it worth it. If you don't feel like reading any further, then let me just tell you this: despite some disappointing moments, this is the best action movie of this year, and possibly of the last ten years. It has everything that you could possibly want. Go watch this film.

Any mention of this movie would require a mention of the cast, and The Expendables does not disappoint. Though Stallone and Jason Statham take up most of the screen time, every member of the main cast gets a significant role in some way or another. Without an exception, Stallone's casting and ability to utilize the actors in this film is great. The only disappointing aspect of this was when Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger were on screen at the same time. The scene was too short, and I would have preferred that all three of them would have been involved in an action sequence. Nonetheless, the appearance of the big three was pretty sweet.

The plot is standard 80's action fare: there's a fictional foreign country with a brutal dictator being backed by some other evil interest. All that really matters is that there are a lot of people to kill, and a lot of things to make explode, and of course the requisite girl that needs saving. Listen: if you came for plot, then you clearly don't have the right idea of what kind of movie The Expendables is. Coming to this movie for plot is like going to a kids' movie for nudity: it's not going to happen. If you want serious acting, there is a moment with Mickey Rourke, but in reality, the entire plot is basically a set up to kill and hit people as violently as possible. I'm okay with that, considering that this is what the movie was intended to be.

By now, it's pretty clear that you should watch this movie. If you were ever a fan of action movies or the 80's, this is already a no brainer. If you only watch deep, serious independent flicks, then this is probably not for you (except maybe to watch ironically). But if you want to see a true summer blockbuster, possibly the best action movie that ever has been (and maybe ever will be) made, then this is your movie. Seriously, go see The Expendables today.