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Review: Starcraft II (Part 1: Single Player)

I'm going to split this review of Starcraft II up into two parts, mainly because the game deserves to be treated that way. That is to say, Starcraft II feels like it's actually two separate games designed by two separate companies (or to put it in less ambiguous terms, the single player portion was probably made by Blizzard, while the multiplayer portion was made by some guys at Activision). As such, the game's full review requires that the single and multiplayer modes be split up and evaluated separately. If they were two separate games, one would be worth buying and the other wouldn't be. I'll let you guess which is which.

That being said, the single player campaign thus far is fantastic. The plot, pacing, and level of interaction is unparalleled. The cutscenes are fantastic, and the actual unfolding of the plot in the campaign mode is well paced. There are some very good surprises, and without giving any spoilers, let's just say that the campaign is not quite as Terran-centric as critics are making it out to be.

As you can probably guess, I actually really like the single player aspect of Starcraft II. There are very few complaints. Contrary to popular belief, you only have to sign onto once to verify your account and CD key. The single player campaign can be played without an Internet connection (though for somebody who loves achievements, being disconnected is not preferable). If Starcraft II could only be judged by the single player aspect, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. In fact, when it comes to the single player aspect, I think that Starcraft II is almost unparallelled.