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And with my preorder, I fill my free time

Apologies for the lack of updates, for while I've had things I've wanted to write about, lethargy has prevented me from doing so. However, I can tell you that I recently preordered Starcraft 2 (as well as ordering another copy of the Starcraft Battle Chest, primarily because someone else claimed my original CD key online so I have no online backup), which means that in exactly a week I will be so occupied with my free time that I will not be doing anything else at all. That's probably not a good thing, especially since I planned on reading a book or two and possibly at least skimming some of the textbooks for my classes in the fall.

I've also taken up playing through Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun, something I never got around to doing in middle or high school. So yeah, considering that it took me about 5-8 years to get around to doing that, the 4 day delay doesn't seem that bad.

Actual posts to follow soon, I promise.