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World Cup predictions?

So as a bad sports fan and amateur prediction artist, I'm going to make the following predictions about who will make it out of the first round of the World Cup finals. This is, of course, after everyone has played at least 1 game, and the second set of games are beginning.

Group A:

Of note, South Africa will likely become the first host nation to ever not advance out of the first round. Also, France gets sent home early on account of its team being old and not that good anymore.

Group B:
South Korea

No surprises here: the two strongest sides have performed up to expectations and should make it out of the group stage without too much trouble.

Group C:
United States

Nothing by either team in the England vs. USA match indicated that they would lose to either Algeria or Slovenia, and clearly they are the two best teams in this pool. Slovenia's win might add some uncertainty, but in all likelihood these two will qualify.

Group D:

Germany's a shoo-in. Ghana is more likely to qualify than Serbia based on the fact that they beat them. Australia's prospect don't look good, especially after the Socceroos lost their star player Tim Cahill.

Group E:

This group is hard to predict. Well, it's actually only half difficult: we all know the Netherlands will advance, we just don't know the second team. Right now, it's still more likely to be Cameroon than anyone else, but the upset by Japan has really thrown everything into a loop.

Group F:

I really have no idea. I'm basically just hoping that Italy stays healthy enough, and that the South American team will do best. Seriously, aside from New Zealand coming off of its current high from its draw, all bets are off.

Group G:
Ivory Coast

Brazil's a no brainer. Ivory Coast over Portugal? Also a no brainer, after the lackluster performance by Cristiano Ronaldo. If Portugal can't step up its game, it's screwed, especially in this group of death.

Group H:

Spain's going to recover. Switzerland's got the motivation now. I just feel sorry for Chile and Honduras. Chile will likely lose to the defensive style of Switzerland, and Honduras just can't match up to Spain, so both should pick up crucial wins that'll send them to the next round.

We'll see how my predictions fair once the group of 16 begins.