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Round of 16 Predictions

At least this time I'm right 75% of the time, as compared with last time with the NCAA March Madness tournament, where I was exactly 50/50.

Uruguay vs. South Korea

Uruguay has been playing spectacularly as of late. They're hitting well above their weight, and South Korea is the type of team they'll be able to beat relatively easily with their style. This is not to say that the South Koreans are bad, but rather merely that Uruguay is just that good.

United States vs. Ghana

United States. Oh come on. Would I pick any different even if I knew I was wrong?

Netherlands vs. Slovakia

Who is really going to beat the Dutch? Not Slovakia. The Netherlands will win, probably in a rout.

Brazil vs. Chile

Not only are Brazil the favorites, but their style of capitalizing on the counterattack is perfect against a very attack happy Chile. I would have called it an even match, but Chile's performance today changed that.

Germany vs. England

Germany's just been the more consistent side. Nothing against England, but consistency does count for something.

Argentina vs. Mexico

Poor Mexico. This is just an unfair draw. Argentina wins thanks to the efforts of Lionel Messi.

Paraguay vs. Japan

Paraguay hasn't been seriously challenged, but they did well in their group. Still, I think that with the way Japan has been playing, they'll pull off the upset.

Spain vs. Portugal

Oh wow. This one is actually a toss up. I'll give it to Spain because I think the combined might of the Spanish stars is greater than Cristiano Ronaldo. Plus, Portugal was pretty lackluster in its draw today. But hey, last time they followed up lackluster with stellar, so we'll see.