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Round of 16 Predictions

At least this time I'm right 75% of the time, as compared with last time with the NCAA March Madness tournament, where I was exactly 50/50.

Uruguay vs. South Korea

Uruguay has been playing spectacularly as of late. They're hitting well above their weight, and South Korea is the type of team they'll be able to beat relatively easily with their style. This is not to say that the South Koreans are bad, but rather merely that Uruguay is just that good.

United States vs. Ghana

United States. Oh come on. Would I pick any different even if I knew I was wrong?

Netherlands vs. Slovakia

Who is really going to beat the Dutch? Not Slovakia. The Netherlands will win, probably in a rout.

Brazil vs. Chile

Not only are Brazil the favorites, but their style of capitalizing on the counterattack is perfect against a very attack happy Chile. I would have called it an even match, but Chile's performance today changed that.

Germany vs. England

Germany's just been the more consistent side. Nothing…

First wrong predictions of the World Cup

Yeah, so I probably should have realized that Cameroon literally was unable to qualify for the round of 16. And I, like most everyone else, was taken aback by Italy's failure to qualify. We all knew they were old, but we believed they'd last at least one more round, especially against this group. Still, an 83.33% correct rate is pretty good. It's not as good as Paul the Octopus, but I can't beat something with 8 arms.

As soon as the round of 16 is set, look for a new set of predictions.

T-minus 5 days until cable service...

And then internet service will follow that week. Which means I'll be able to have permanent internet access at home, which means I can end my treks through to the library, especially on days like today when it was raining. 
Also, work is getting actually serious and difficult, I'm amazed, impressed and excited that the U.S. won today. We'll beat Ghana, or at least give them the game of their life. Oh, and props to Isner and Malut for their marathon Wimbledon match, which is slowing making tennis into a game of cricket. Maybe it is time for tiebreakers at Wimbledon after all?
That is all.

It's time for a new post

So today was day two of my internship at RCF Economic and Financial Consulting downtown. Today was much better than the previous day. For starter's I actually got there on time. Two mental notes to take away from that:

1. The Green line is actually safe in the mornings.
2. Never, ever, ever take a bus in the morning, especially not in summertime Chicago, and especially not since there's always stuff going on that causes traffic and detours.

Aside from that it's been great fun following the World Cup. Also as of right now my predictions for the round of 16 are 100% accurate. We'll see if that rate holds up over the course of the next few days.

World Cup predictions?

So as a bad sports fan and amateur prediction artist, I'm going to make the following predictions about who will make it out of the first round of the World Cup finals. This is, of course, after everyone has played at least 1 game, and the second set of games are beginning.

Group A:

Of note, South Africa will likely become the first host nation to ever not advance out of the first round. Also, France gets sent home early on account of its team being old and not that good anymore.

Group B:
South Korea

No surprises here: the two strongest sides have performed up to expectations and should make it out of the group stage without too much trouble.

Group C:
United States

Nothing by either team in the England vs. USA match indicated that they would lose to either Algeria or Slovenia, and clearly they are the two best teams in this pool. Slovenia's win might add some uncertainty, but in all likelihood these two will qualify.

Group D:


A slight template change

I'll start blogging soon, I promise. It's just that having to move everything around is quite difficult.

In the meantime there has been a slight change in the template. Rather than using a custom one, I'm using one provided by blogger that looks similar (and less web 2.0-ish). This way changes to the actual site are easier to maintain and don't require tinkering with the actual HTML.

This shouldn't affect your viewing experience at all.

Seriously, new content coming soon.