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Summer Breeze and the weekend

So yesterday was our Summer Breeze concert, which if you couldn't tell by its name was our annual music concert featuring popular outside artists. The year before they didn't have anyone particularly popular: the most famous acts, Broken Social Scene and Santigold, didn't really attract that diverse of a crowd. This year, however, they had the Dirty Projectors, a relatively indie group, as well as the more mainstream Nas and Damien Marley. So at least they got a better lineup this year.

I ended up waking up at around 11AM and wasting away a few hours, after which I decided to go study for a about 3 hours. This, of course, meant that I missed most of the festivities for the Carnival before the concert. That wasn't too bad: I mean, I needed to study anyway.

The concert itself was very good. The Dirty Projectors were decent, but obviously Nas and Damien blew everyone away. Nas performed a good mix of old and new hits, and their new collaboration album (which they were promoting) had some good songs on it. Really though, everyone was there to see Nas. There were also a few classic reggae songs that were played by Damien, but even with the rest of the songs not being well known the concert was a blast.

With that, I should have just stayed home and slept. I didn't, and that was a bad decision. Now I have to study my ass off for a midterm tomorrow even more. Boo.