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The sudden drop in posts

So apologies for not having posted in over a week. After Scav Hunt was over (and that took up basically all of my free time from Thursday to Sunday, whenever I wasn't in class or "working" on a problem set (I basically copied someone's verbatim) I was Scavving.

For those who don't know, the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt (also known as Scav, or Scav Hunt) is (arguably) the world's biggest scavenger hunt, which happens every year during Mother's Day weekend. Scav was started in the 1980s, and the nature has changed a lot since the 1990s. In the beginning it was mostly independent houses and registered student organizations that had teams. By the late 90s, teams had basically centered around entire dorms, rendering most independent teams kind of moot (which is why they unified into one big team). This year was the first year without the Shoreland dorm team (mostly because the dorm was shut down) and in its place we formed a South Campus team.

Basically, the teams are divided into two categories, dorm teams (Snell-Hitchcock, Max Palevsky minus Flint House, South Campus, Burton Judson plus Blackstone, Broadview plus Flint House) and unaffiliated teams (Federation of Independent Scav Teams (FIST), Graduate and Alumni Scav Hunt (GASH), and various other independent teams that Scav for fun, this year one being a bunch of 4th years under the name of Team Lanie).

South Campus did alright. We got 5th this year (a step down from being in a tie for 4th), being edged out by 200 points by MacPierce, the team we tied with last year as the Shoreland. Given that our team was relatively inexperienced as most of us hadn't really been that involved with Scav before, this was a decent finish. I was hoping for an outright 4th place, but it didn't happen. All this means is that we have to try harder next year.

Of course, I might simply go Scav with Max P, because my friend who is one of their captains will graduate after next year. I don't know if our team wants to be more competitive at all, or if South will just be happy lounging around at 5th or 4th. I'd rather gun for 3rd with South or for 1st with Max P.

We'll see. I have a whole year to figure this out.