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And now we enter the second half of the week

As expected I did not do too well on my math midterm. I now need a 50 on the final just to get a C. That is unlikely to happen. I might just withdraw from this class. Ah well. Everyone's dreams have to die sometime right? I'll be studying my ass off for the final, but the option to drop is always there.

This week's problem set was really easy. I have a lot of free time now. I also have a beta account in Starcraft 2, which coincides perfectly with my free time. I am, however, going to try and study much more during the course of these next few weeks, but I also plan on playing at least an hour of Starcraft 2 a day. We'll see how that works out. I might need a new computer when the actual game comes out too.

Also for some reason now internship offers keep coming back to me. I have one solid unpaid offer down (which is a really good research one) as well as another research offer that might (probably 50-75%) materialize. I also had a phone call today that told me Sanofi-Aventis in New Jersey was looking to see if they could give me something. That last one's mostly nepotism though.

I do believe that UChicago might finally be slowing down, but if it is it's clearly the calm before the finals storm.