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Sorry for the lack of posts

I've been sick and tired. Here's a Derive Politics post instead, with excerpt:

"It has long been popular to accuse leaders in America of elitism. Being a highly influential government or corporate official tends to carry a perception of being detached. People in high places, it is said, are nothing like us, having attended their fancy schools with their fancy educations and privileged lifestyles. They live only on the coasts, call the rest of America flyover country, eat arugula and share no interests with what are considered the common folk. In short, elites are bad because they aren't like us, they think they're better than us, and they don't know what we really want."

Full article here.

Derive Politics post: Conservatism and its critics

This was another post on Derive Politics, entitled Conservatism and its critics. An excerpt:

"There used to be a time when conservatism was seen as the strongest force in American politics. Americans, after almost 50 years of liberal rule, elected Ronald Reagan in 1980, kicking off a wave of conservative politics that is only recently seeing its end. Only after the end of the Bush administration can we truly consider the previous conservative era gone, despite what some people might say. And while the movement did have its problems, including serious problems with its stance against human rights, it did have something that its replacement, the Tea Party and the more crazy Republican did not, and that was some kind of intellectual basis."

Read more here.

And now we enter the second half of the week

As expected I did not do too well on my math midterm. I now need a 50 on the final just to get a C. That is unlikely to happen. I might just withdraw from this class. Ah well. Everyone's dreams have to die sometime right? I'll be studying my ass off for the final, but the option to drop is always there.

This week's problem set was really easy. I have a lot of free time now. I also have a beta account in Starcraft 2, which coincides perfectly with my free time. I am, however, going to try and study much more during the course of these next few weeks, but I also plan on playing at least an hour of Starcraft 2 a day. We'll see how that works out. I might need a new computer when the actual game comes out too.

Also for some reason now internship offers keep coming back to me. I have one solid unpaid offer down (which is a really good research one) as well as another research offer that might (probably 50-75%) materialize. I also had a phone call today that told me Sanofi-A…

Derive Politics post: Freedom of Speech

Here's another post I wrote a while back for Derive Politics entitled Freedom of Speech. An excerpt:

"The recent controversy over the American television show South Park's 200th and 201st episodes (which satirized previous controversies over depictions of the prophet Muhammad among other things) touched off a nerve among some people. Among the two groups that reacted the most were the people in charge at Viacom, who out of fear of possible anger and outrage heavily censored both episodes (including censoring the word Muhammad and censoring an unrelated speech about not being intimidated at the end of the 201st episode), and extremist Muslim groups, one of which posted death threats against Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the two creators of South Park."

Read more here.

New Derive Politics Post: On the Effects of the Oil Crisis

My friend Roger's put up this interesting post on Derive Politics. I'll have my postings linked up here later this week. An excerpt:
"If the oil crisis doesn't destroy the entire gulf's ecosystem, which it might, it does bring a certain level of opportunity for the Obama administration, and for green technology in general. "
Read more here.

Summer Breeze and the weekend

So yesterday was our Summer Breeze concert, which if you couldn't tell by its name was our annual music concert featuring popular outside artists. The year before they didn't have anyone particularly popular: the most famous acts, Broken Social Scene and Santigold, didn't really attract that diverse of a crowd. This year, however, they had the Dirty Projectors, a relatively indie group, as well as the more mainstream Nas and Damien Marley. So at least they got a better lineup this year.

I ended up waking up at around 11AM and wasting away a few hours, after which I decided to go study for a about 3 hours. This, of course, meant that I missed most of the festivities for the Carnival before the concert. That wasn't too bad: I mean, I needed to study anyway.

The concert itself was very good. The Dirty Projectors were decent, but obviously Nas and Damien blew everyone away. Nas performed a good mix of old and new hits, and their new collaboration album (which they were pro…

The sudden drop in posts

So apologies for not having posted in over a week. After Scav Hunt was over (and that took up basically all of my free time from Thursday to Sunday, whenever I wasn't in class or "working" on a problem set (I basically copied someone's verbatim) I was Scavving.

For those who don't know, the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt (also known as Scav, or Scav Hunt) is (arguably) the world's biggest scavenger hunt, which happens every year during Mother's Day weekend. Scav was started in the 1980s, and the nature has changed a lot since the 1990s. In the beginning it was mostly independent houses and registered student organizations that had teams. By the late 90s, teams had basically centered around entire dorms, rendering most independent teams kind of moot (which is why they unified into one big team). This year was the first year without the Shoreland dorm team (mostly because the dorm was shut down) and in its place we formed a South Campus team.


Summer plans

Currently trying to apply to internships and also figure out housing. It's not easy at all (obviously). Add to that the fact that scav starts this week and I am literally unable to find enough hours in the day. Of course this blog is going to suffer (more so than usual). Sorry about that.

A week of Scav and catching up

Why am I always catching up?

This week is Scav Hunt, and I've signed up to be a page captain. This was probably a bad idea. In any case it'll be a busy week of setting plans for next year into motion. We'll see how it turns out.