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Two talks tonight

Amartya Sen and Bill Gates are both speaking today at UChicago. Check back here, I might be live blogging it. If not, there will be a recap tomorrow.

There will be a live blog of Sen. My comments on Gates will follow tomorrow.

Live blog:

There are not enough chairs for all of these people. 4:22PM

So now we get an introductory speaker. 4:35PM

Ha ha, Sen makes a joke about his eye surgery. 4:43PM.

The talk overall was interesting, although I did zone out for a bit. In short: A lot of people had misconceptions about Adam Smith. He didn't believe in the free market as ardently as some of the people who now support him think he did. He was much more nuanced, aware of the effects of one's surroundings, and also well aware that other things aside from self interest motivated people. In short short, Adam Smith was not dumb.