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Thoughts on Bill Gates

Bill Gates' speech at the University yesterday was generally good. The actual presentation that he gave, while at points interesting, was a kind of general, vague speech that wasn't too insightful but still was informative. Still, the best part of Gates' appearance wasn't his prepared remarks. Rather, it was his responses to student questions that was truly the highlight.

Gates answered all of the questions well. Some of them took him longer than others and some of them were not necessarily important, but he handled them well. The best question asked was about whether Gates' foundation was actually crowding out other foundations (with a joke about Gates' foundation being monopolistic). However, Gates' best answer was to the question of why he didn't make his foundation perpetual. His overall ability to successfully inform us of his efforts was great.

Plus the fact that we gave him a B.A. undergraduate thesis at the end was pretty cool.