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Review: Undercover Boss

A reality T.V. show about a famous person going undercover is far from an original concept. In fact, second to making unknowns famous, making the famous unknown is the second oldest reality television concept. In that sense, Undercover Boss is hardly groundbreaking. However, in terms of execution, the show is very good, if a bit repetitive.

The basic premise is pretty simple: every week, a CEO of a major corporation poses as an entry level worker, going to different parts of their company in an attempt to find out more about their company and to meet people. Though the show is ostensibly about these CEO's finding out more about their companies, but really it's to showcase their companies and to the highlight the people working there.

The show's tone is good, without great exaggeration, although many of the plans put in the end are kind of flaky. After a while, moreover, the show becomes really repetitive. There are only so many inspirational episodes of CEO's helping their employees that can be stomached.

Still, the show's worth watching. After Dancing With the Stars, this is probably the best reality show on television, even if that's not saying much.