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Review: A Serious Man

This was a good movie. Yeah, it didn't win the Academy Award for Best Film, but it was still a good movie. Before you read the long review, this is it in a nutshell: if you're a Cohen brothers' fan you'll love this movie, and if you're simply a fan of good comedy with believable human characters, then you'll love this movie too.

The movie is acted really well. Michael Stuhlbarg plays his role to perfection. His character acts exactly like you would expect a real person to act. In all honesty I can't find fault with any of the acting in this movie. The dialogue, too, was funny.

The overall plot is good, even though it feels like nothing gets resolved. It in some ways better captures the true spirit of life: the fact of the matter is that once you finally beat some of life's problems, more appear. The course of the plot still flows in a likeable manner, however, so the fact that the characters are no better off at the end then at the beginning doesn't feel frustrating.

Overall this was a very good movie. The acting was done stupendously, the plot is good, and the dialogue is witty. You should definitely watch this movie. There's no excuse not to.