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Review: Accepted

This movie is disappointing. I wanted so much to like it, especially since it deals with a subject matter that I'm personally very interested in and since it has actually decent actors. It's one of the few movies to focus on the college acceptance part of the standard college movie, and it had such promise. Of course, promise is always squandered, because apparently writers, when given actual talent and a budget to work with, will churn out some fluff piece.

Let's be realistic: I'm not expecting the most realistic and nuanced of plots. All I wanted was something dealing slightly with how hard college admissions is, followed by humor. This is not a difficult thing to do. The problem, however, is that the movie focuses too little on the college admissions process (which has quite some humor in and of itself) and spends way too much time focusing on the perceived shortcomings of today's college education. In short, the movie is too preachy, and fails to exploit an easy, easy, easy area for real humor.

The actors apparently forgot what "overdoing it" means, as they play their parts in the corniest fashion possible. Rarely does anyone feel like they would legitimately belong in any kind of real world, and the best acted parts are those that require people to be basically weird. It's as if everybody's mind was elsewhere for the entirety of the movie's shooting.

If you can get past the bad dialogue, bad acting, and bad plot, you might find something worthwhile. Of course, you could get that same feeling if you just read Colleges That Change Lives, and it'd be just as funny. Or just ask any current college student on their views of education and admissions. It sure beats watching this movie.