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Predictions for tonight's NCAA games, part 2

So last night I was 2/4 (50%) on my predictions, meaning I'm better than the average sports writer, and no worse than a coin. Let's go at this again.

In the round of Michigan State v. Northern Iowa, the winner will be Northern Iowa. With an injury to one of MSU's star players, this matchup seems to be easier for Norther Iowa than expected. They are likely to make the Elite Eight. Of course, I said the same about Washington, and look where that got me.

In the round of Tennessee v. Ohio State, the winner will be Ohio State. In short, the Vols have no answer for Evan Turner, and that will be their downfall.

In the round of St. Mary's v. Baylor, the winner will be Baylor. They are not only the better team, but faster and better than St. Mary's previous opponents. More importantly, they have a big guy at center, something St. Mary's hasn't had to face all tournament. It's likely that St. Mary's Cinderella run is over.

In the round of Duke v. Purdue, the winner will be Duke. This is a no brainer. Duke is clearly the better team, Purdue is facing injuries, and simply put they are not good enough to win. The Blue Devils return to the Elite Eight for god only knows the nth time.