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Predictions for tonight's NCAA games

Who will win? Read on to find out.

In the match of Cornell v. Kentucky, the winner will be Kentucky. It will be a high scoring affair, but even if both teams played perfectly Kentucky's offense is slightly stronger. That being said, if Kentucky's not playing at its best it's going home.

In the match of Washington v. West Virginia, the winner will be Washington. A recent injury suffered by West Virginia means that they will be unlikely to take on a strong Washington team.

In the match of Butler v. Syracuse, the winner will be Syracuse. While Butler is good and Syracuse ended the season on a slide, they seem to have recovered. Because both teams have played well, I'm going to default to the assumption that Syracuse will win.

In the match of Xavier v. Kansas State, the winner will be Kansas State. K-State's earlier win plus the lack of any reason to think that they would lose gives them this win by default.