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Post on Derive Politics, Districts tournament

So I just came back from the NJ districts tournament after judging for about 40% of the time (and getting paid for 100% of the time), and first a shout out to my former high school (and thus former teammate) Maddy Stein for qualifying for NFL nationals in Kansas City. More thoughts on that to follow tomorrow.

But I've also written something else for my website, Derive Politics, entitled Health Care, Finally. An excerpt:

"The final passage of the Senate health care legislation by the House of Representatives means that the reforms Democrats had been pushing since the early part of last year are finally reality. Though Republicans had been trying to stop the passage of the legislation through various means, ranging from rallying public support to the threat of filibuster in the Senate, the Democrats have managed to beat back everything that the Republicans have thrown at them. At the very least, it was a political victory for the Democrats, affirming their legislative power. It is, in short, what everyone has been expecting them to do with both chambers of Congress and the Presidency."

The rest can be found here.