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Review: American Pie Presents: Beta House

The American Pie franchise probably ran out of steam sometime around the second or third movie, but of course as long as you can make money off of a franchise somebody will be willing to make a movie off of it. That's why there are so many bad movies out there. This is probably one of them.

The plot is pretty stereotypical. Guys go off to college for the first time, meet cool people, meet other people who are jerks to them, and wins again them in some fraternity competition. This is the same plot as every other movie out there in its category, except the nerds are the bullies instead of the jocks. Good job minimal thought writers.

The acting is pretty stock too. All of your regular stock college characters are here. All of them are neither outstanding nor are the abysmal. There is really nothing outstanding about it.

In all honesty the biggest criticism of this movie is that it's forgettable. At best, it's designed as a vehicle for some B-rate actors to get work, and for a small cameo role for some more famous people. It's okay as a throwaway on television movie, but you're not missing out on much.

There is no benefit to watching this over anything else. If you happen to end up watching this and have nothing above average to do, go for it. Otherwise, you can completely ignore this movie.