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China should probably abolish it's one child policy

Why? It's because the policy has become redundant. Its original purpose was to curb massive population growth that was indigent to developing nations, as China (with its 1 billion people) could ill afford massive growth at that rate. The policy was in essence designed to reach the birth rate of a developed nation (or artificially go beneath it  for a bit) for a country that was not developed. China clearly is no longer at that stage of existence anymore.

The policy implemented in the 70s is no longer adequate for China now. It's a country that's growing at such a fast rate that labor is required in unprecedented. Going forward, China will neither naturally need this policy (as it becomes more developed, birth rates will drop) nor will it want this policy (it leaves families seriously at risk if a natural disaster strikes and it seriously cripples their work force). It's pretty clear that this policy has outlived its usefulness. The one-child policy should be abolished.