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Review: American Pie Presents: Beta House

The American Pie franchise probably ran out of steam sometime around the second or third movie, but of course as long as you can make money off of a franchise somebody will be willing to make a movie off of it. That's why there are so many bad movies out there. This is probably one of them.

The plot is pretty stereotypical. Guys go off to college for the first time, meet cool people, meet other people who are jerks to them, and wins again them in some fraternity competition. This is the same plot as every other movie out there in its category, except the nerds are the bullies instead of the jocks. Good job minimal thought writers.

The acting is pretty stock too. All of your regular stock college characters are here. All of them are neither outstanding nor are the abysmal. There is really nothing outstanding about it.

In all honesty the biggest criticism of this movie is that it's forgettable. At best, it's designed as a vehicle for some B-rate actors to get work, and for a…

I found this interesting, so I'm posting it.

I thought this was a pretty cool infographic about Google:

Credit goes to Pingdom

What a big mistake...

So I'm basically starting something that will end up wasting a lot of my time by joining a website I used to be a part of in high school. Good god, am I really committing to playing Cybernations again? Yes I am.

I didn't play this game nearly as much as Nationstates, but the level of customization is great. Hopefully this will be a hobby and not an all consuming thing come finals.

Ten thoughts on Princeton, part 2

6.Clocks from Princeton are really nice.

7. A trophy for 2nd place at APDA Nationals isn't worth stealing.

8. On a positive note, a major congratulations to Princeton on drawing the most diverse pool I've ever seen in terms of number of schools. Some places that I didn't even know competed on APDA showed up.

9. On a similar note, it was great to win against Kyle Bean and Cormac Early via their forfeit.

10. But I hated going 3-2 again, especially when going 4-1 would still not have let us break.

Ten thoughts on Princeton, part 1

My first five thoughts about Princeton:

1. If you're not hosting elections, a party would be nice, especially if you're PRINCETON.

2. Please, for the love of god, have a backup for your computer files in case of a tab crash.

3. Expecting 4-5 people to get 21's as their speaker point values and then defining that you would need to "defecate on stage" to earn that is unrealistic, as only 2-3 people per APDA tournament actually shit on stage.

4. People don't need to justify 26.5 speaks.

5. Reputation is illegitimate.

It's not as good as the Miracle on Ice, but it'll do

The American win tonight was epic. Yes, the Canadians played much better for most of the game, but not for the first 41 seconds and towards the very end. This was probably the second most watched event of the Olympics, and it was well justified.

Kudos to Canada for a great game, but congratulations to our team for pulling out an amazing upset. This bodes well for our medal hopes, and earned a well deserved bye into the playoffs (and we didn't have get an illegal check from Ovechkin to do it).

As a side note, Ryan Kesler's open net goal was the highlight of the night.

One of my writings on Derive Politics: American deficit

I've written another article for a website that I co-founded, Derive Politics about the American deficit.
"It is no surprise that the United States is running a huge deficit. Ever since the Reagan administration the United States has decided to follow a policy of deficit spending, and with the exception of President Clinton, every president since has run up the deficit and with it the national debt. Regardless of the purpose, deficits have been on this rise. This policy can no longer continue."
Read more here.

Best medals by Americans at the Vancouver Olympics

1. Lindsey Vonn, Alpine Skiing, Women's Downhill - After all the speculation about her shin and the possibility that she might not even ski at all, Linsey Vonn comes out and destroys the competition, including her American rival Julia Mancuso. This capped off a pretty great day for the American team, but as it was the least certain win, it was the best.

2. Shani Davis, Speed Skating, 1000 meters - He is the first man to win the 1000 meters twice at the Winter Olympics, impressive in and of itself. But it's the fact that he tried to the very end and the fact that he had serious credible rivals that allows this win to edge out Shaun White's win.

3. Shaun White, Snowboard, Men's Halfpipe - White basically won this without so much as trying - it turns out that he didn't even need to pull off his 1260 McTwist to win - on his very first final run. Shaun White's win was probably the most vindicating one, but as White is heads and tails above the competition, this was …

One of my writings on Derive Politics: The case for Israel to attack Iran

I've written another article for a website that I co-founded, Derive Politics. This time the article is about the reasons why Israel should attack Iran's nuclear programs. An excerpt:

"Despite the seeming improbability of this course of action happening, it makes sense for Israel to consider a serious and immediate strike against Iran's nuclear reactors and research facilities. The reasons are simple: Iran poses a threat to Israel, the possibility of Iran possessing a nuclear weapon is bad for the world, and diplomatic solutions are unlikely to work."

Read more here.