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Thoughts on the BCS National Championship

Yes, I did say that you shouldn't watch the BCS National Championship, but as a college football fan I did so anyway. And I have to say that I was impressed, mostly by the Alabama defense, but also partly by Texas' backup quarterback. Yes, he ended up throwing somewhere in the vicinity of 4 picks and dropped the key fumble that sealed up the game, but for his very first game starting under such heavy pressure it wasn't altogether too bad. At least he kept it close.

Of course, the game belonged to the Alabama defense and running game. The defense intercepted four passes, caused crucial fumbles (one returned for a touchdown) and even knocked out Colt McCoy on Texas' first drive. You could not have asked the defense to do more. They won the game as much as Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson did. Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide: they clearly deserved this win.